Update on School Name Change Survey

Update on School Name Change Survey
Posted on 08/24/2020

The School Renaming Committee continues to seek feedback from the Hanover County Public Schools community on new names for the schools formerly known as Lee-Davis High School and Stonewall Jackson Middle School. You can provide input on the options the panel recommended here. The poll will stay open through Thursday, August 27.

The 14 names and the reasoning for their consideration are below, in alphabetical order. The options came from a pool of more than 3,000 community submissions, filed from August 12 through August 19.

1) Clearview – Promotes the perspective that the school should provide a clear view for the future for our students; also in clear view of the community;
2) Creek Run – Refers to the many creeks in the Mechanicsville area;
3) Dogwood – References the state tree/flower of Virginia;
4) Freedom – Represents a value embraced by the Revolutionary history of the county;
5) Mechanicsville – Captures the larger geographic location;
6) New Dominion – References the “Dominion” of the Commonwealth’s name while providing a sense of beginning;
7) New Haven – Haven means a place for offering opportunities, safety, and creativity; Hanover split from “New” Kent;
8) Newcastle – One of the earliest towns in Hanover County; once considered a possible state capital;
9) Pine Creek – Refers to the vast pine trees and creeks in the area, blending the two into a single name;
10) Pine Hill – Another option to recognize the natural feature of pines in the area;
11) Pioneer – Name represents the idea of students becoming trailblazers for the community;
12) Progress Point – Recognizes the idea that schools and education are points of progress for our students and community;
13) Twin Rivers – References the two rivers (Chickahominy and Pamunkey) in the area; and
14) Willow Branch – References willow trees that are prevalent near the many creeks in the area.

School Board policy stipulates that schools cannot be named after any person (living or deceased). Instead, the policy lists geographic location, environmental features, and historical considerations as factors for consideration.

The committee will submit a single name for the high school and a single name for the middle school for the School Board’s consideration at its September 8 meeting.

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