Interview Process

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In anticipation of vacancies, our HR administrators review and screen all completed applications. We then contact specific candidates for interviews. Typically, an interview is a screening process to learn more about the applicants seeking employment within Hanover County Public Schools. At the same time, it is the opportunity for a prospective employee to learn more about Hanover County Public Schools.  

Following the screening interview in the HR department, we may ask candidates to interview with a principal where a vacancy or possible vacancy exists.

The Interview

An effective interview is one of the most important aspects of the employment process. In a 30–45 minute interview, we assess an applicant's personality, educational background, and work experience. It is usually the most decisive part of a campaign for an employment opportunity. We assess qualities such as personality, articulation, alertness, knowledge, enthusiasm, maturity, motivation, compatibility, preparation, and the ability to relate to students.

Positive Interview Tips

Here are a few tips to help you have a successful interview:

  • Approach the interview with a positive attitude and a sincere interest in education.

  • Pay attention to your appearance. Dress professionally.

  • Arrive a few minutes early for the interview.

  • Be friendly, try to be relaxed, and be yourself.

  • Allow the interviewer to initiate and guide the topics of conversation.

  • Respond to questions with more than a yes or no answer. Share examples from your experiences to illustrate your opinions. Be careful not to ramble.

  • Share your accomplishments as they relate to the conversation.

  • Emphasize your special skills and interests.

Employment Decision

The decision to employ a prospective teacher is a joint decision among the HR staff, the principal, and possibly a representative from instructional leadership. We will notify the selected individuals within a reasonable length of time to make their decisions regarding acceptance. We welcome candidates to periodically leave a message with the Human Resources office, expressing their continued interest and availability.  

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