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ALLEN, KARLA          Coordinator - Counseling Services
AMMONS, ROBERT Senior Programmer Analyst
ANDERSON, LINDA Senior Programmer Analyst
ANNA, KARA          Medicaid Account Specialist
ARCO, DEBBIE Director - Curriculum and Instruction
BAKER, JANET Coordinator - Human Resources
BATES, KAREN Senior Help Desk Technician
Battiata, LORIE Network Technician
BECK, HERB Supervisor - Network Services
BENCKERT, KATHY Reading Recovery - Title I Teacher
BERRYMAN, NANCY Benefits Manager
BEY, WILLIAM Custodial Specialist
BOND, BARRY Enterprise Network Systems Engineer
BROWN, DIANE Director - Special Education
BROWN, KATHLEEN Executive Administrative Assistant/Clerk of the School Board
BURK, SCOTT Network Technician
BUZZELLI, ED Director - Facilities
CAPALDO, BRIAN Coordinator, TV Programming and Production
CAUSEY, HEATHER ITRT Online Learning Developer
CLARK, LINDA Administrative Assistant I - Special Education
CRANK, WAYNE Audio Visual Maintenance Specialist
DAILEY, DEBORAH Administrative Assistant II - Human Resources
DAVIS, ALISON Family Services Specialist
DAVIS, SHERRY Network Technician
DENTON, VIVIAN Administrative Assistant II - Federal Programs 
DISHAROON, NANCY Director - Accreditation and Accountability
DUKE, MIKE Coordinator - Human Resources & Recruitment
DYE, KIM Curriculum Specialist - Science
EADS, MEREDITH              Lead Teacher Specialist - Elementary Special Education
FARNSWORTH, MELLANIE Office Assistant I - Human Resources
FLOWE, BARRY Curriculum Specialist - Performing Arts
FOREMAN, CONNIE Coordinator - Gifted & Talented Services
FIX, TINA HR Records Specialist, Compliance Officer
GARDNER-COOK, MARTHA Food Services Specialist
GILL, MICHAEL Superintendent of Schools
GODBOLT, BETH Administrative Assistant II - Hanover Education Foundation
GOODMAN, THERESA Data Center Operator
GREIF, JENNIFER Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Leadership
GRESHAM, DANA Director - Federal Programs & Leadership
GRESSETT, ERIN Administrative Assistant II - Human Resources
HANCOCK-HENLEY, BARBARA Coordinator - Career & Technical Education
HANKS, JAMIE Senior Teacher - CSA Case Manager
HARNOIS, RACHEL Bookkeeping Assistant - Food Services
HAZELGROVE, BRENDA Administrative Assistant II - Human Resources
HECHLER, TERRI Director - Technology Services
HICKS, KRISTA Senior Help Desk Technician
HILL, DEBBIE Administrative Assistant II - Elementary/Secondary Education
HILL, MARGARET Business Partnership Specialist
HUCKSTEP, ANN Senior Administrative Assistant I - Instructional Leadership
HUFF, ERIC Financial Systems Specialist
IRELAND, DEBRA        Administrative Assistant II - Human Resources
JOHNSON, STACIE Coordinator - Human Resources
KAHL, ALLISON Instructional Assessment Resource - Federal Programs
KATES, MICHELE Technology Project Specialist - Student Information
LANDRUM, ANTHONY Senior Programmer Analyst
LANTZ, JULIE Senior Administrative Assistant I - Human Resources
LEVINE, JOEL Network Systems Engineer
LUNDQUIST, ANN Administrative Assistant II - Accountability
MARSTON, JUDY Compensation and Compliance Officer
MATTHEWS, LAURA Student Support Services Specialist
McDANIEL, AMANDA Communications Specialist
McGRAW, DENYSE Human Resources Information Systems Specialist
MILLER, PATRICIA Director - Elementary Education
MOHRMAN, GIGI Education and Mental Program Specialist
MOORE, LAWRENCE Custodial Team Leader
O'BRIEN, DENNIS Enterprise Systems Engineer
PARSLEY, MARK Technology Project Specialist
PASIER, MARK Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
PATTERSON, TAMMY Administrative Assistant II - Technology Services
PERKINS, JODI Office Assistant I - Human Resources
PONTYNEN, SARAH Administrative Assistant II - Curriculum & Instruction
PRICE, LINDA Senior Programmer Analyst
PURYEAR JR., JAMES Network Technician 
QUINN, MICHELLE Administrative Assistant II - Hanover Preschool Initiative
ROBINSON, SABRINA Senior Administrative Assistant I - Business & Operations
RUSSO, ADAM Director - School Food Services
SEMONES, MELISSA Coordinator - Human Resources/Staff Development
SHELTON, JONI Director - Human Resources
SHENK, IAN Curriculum Specialist - Mathematics
SIX, AMANDA Director - Budget & Financial Reporting

Curriculum Specialist - English/Reading/Language Arts
SMALARA, FRANK Supervisor - Information Services

Director - School Safety & Disciplinary Hearing/Review Officer
STACKPOLE, JENNIFER Curriculum Specialist - Art
STALEY, ROBERT Director - Secondary Education
STOCKHAUSEN, KATIE Coordinator - Federal Programs
STOCKMAN, STEPHANIE Curriculum Specialist - World Languages & ESL
STONE, TERRY Assistant Superintendent of Business & Operations
TATE, JULIE Curriculum Specialist - Media Services
THOMPSON, AMY Coordinator - Professional Development
TROTT, JOHN Curriculum Specialist - Health, P.E. & Driver's Ed.
VAUGHAN, TOM Director - Custodial Services 
WALDRON, SHELLIE         Coordinator - Special Education 
WALTHALL, MARGIE Assessment Specialist
WHITLEY, CHRIS Public Information Officer
WHITNEY, DANA Coordinator - Food Services and Dietitian
WILKEN, KRISTEN Coordinator - Elementary Special Education

Curriculum Specialist - Social Studies
WOODY, TERRY Coordinator - Health Services
YOHO, SHERRI Administrative Assistant II - Special Education
ZACHMEYER, CATHERINE Data Management Specialist
ZIEGLER, LAURAN Assistant Director - Special Education

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