Secondary Summer School

students in classroomThe purpose of Summer School is to enrich the education of students and to permit students to earn credits needed for graduation or promotion. Specifically, Summer School programs afford students the opportunity to take repeat courses to meet deficiencies, enroll in required courses for advancement, and enroll in elective courses for enrichment.

The general guidelines for Summer School are as follows:

  • Credit for repeated work will be granted on the same basis as that for new work. A student may receive a unit credit for a course only once.

  • Courses which students are studying for the first time shall be structured to require completion of all course requirements normally taught over a minimum of 140 clock hours of classroom instruction per unit of credit.


Secondary Summer School for 2019 will be held at Atlee High School. 

9414 Atlee Station Road
Mechanicsville, VA 23116


Summer School Registration Form

Online and Blended Learning Courses: April 29-May 31, 2019

Face-to-Face Courses: April 29-June 19, 2019

  • Students are allowed to take up to two middle school courses during summer school or one high school course.

  • Middle School students interested in registering for high school courses should contact a counselor.

student at lockerHanover County residents must register here for Secondary Summer School. Registration for online and blended courses ends on May 31, and registration for Face to Face courses ends on June 19.

For non-HCPS Secondary students: registration forms are due by June 19. For middle school students, forms should be turned into Chickahominy Middle School through June 14 and to Atlee High School from June 17-19. For high school students all completed forms should be submitted to Atlee High School. Online registration is not available. Non-HCPS students are defined as those who do not live in Hanover County, and students who live in Hanover, but attended school elsewhere during the 2018-19 school year. 


Tuition is due at time of registration. No refunds will be given after July 8, 2019. If a student did not pass an SOL test, tuition is not charged for the corresponding academic course. If a second course is taken, tuition will be charged for the second course only. 

For HCPS Students:

  • The preferred payment method is MySchoolBucks. However, parents may also pay by check or cash. Checks should be made payable to the student's home school unless registrations are submitted after June 14 at which point checks should be made payable to Atlee High School.

  • Hanover County resident - Middle School: $170 per remediation, $300 per initial credit; High School: $300 per course

For Non-HCPS Students:

  • Tuition is due at time of registration. For middle school students, tuition should be submitted to Chickahominy Middle School through June 14 and to Atlee High School from June 17-19. For high school students, tuition is due to Atlee High School. 

  • Non-Hanover County resident - Middle School: $255 per remediation, $360 per initial credit; High School: $360 per course

Tuition varies for enrichment courses. Please see the descriptions of each for tuition and enrollment details. 

student in classroomAttendance

For middle and high school face-to-face courses, students are expected to be in attendance every day. A student who accumulates a total of more than two days (or eleven hours) of absences will be dismissed without a tuition refund. Any exception to this must be approved in writing by the summer school principal and classroom teacher. Requests for vacations will not be approved.

Online learning students are required to attend the mandatory face-to-face meetings for orientation, final exams, and standardized testing. Additional expectations for face-to-face meetings may be required for some online courses. For students taking a blended course, they will be permitted to miss only one face-to-face session, with the exception of the orientation and exam days.

After June 28, 2019, High School Course students will receive academic penalty for dropping a course.

Student Conduct & Dress

All rules and expectations regarding student conduct and dress will be reviewed with students at the student orientation on June 24, 2019. This information can also be found in the Hanover County Public Schools Secondary Parent-Student Handbook.

student and bus driver

School Information

The Atlee High School Library Media Center will be open and staffed by a certified librarian during summer school hours. The cafeteria will not be open during the summer. Students may bring snacks or purchase them from school vending machines during designated breaks. High school students staying at school for both morning and afternoon sessions should plan to bring a lunch from home.


School bus transportation will be provided to/from Atlee High School for summer school classes, according to the schedule below. Parents should plan to arrive promptly at their chosen drop off/pick up location.

Transportation is provided for full-day (7:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.) face-to-face classes only. Any transportation for Online Learning sessions that meet at 1:30 p.m. must be arranged by parents.

Questions regarding transportation can be directed to the Transportation Department at (804) 365-6520.

Course Offerings

 We offer a variety of courses for both the Middle School and High School levels. 

Online Learning

Online Learning is available to resident and non-resident students during the 2019 summer session. The registration deadline for Online Learning is May 31, 2019. Learn more about Online Learning for your student this summer.

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